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Leandro Bisiach, Milan, 1899

Milan was home to the renaissance of late nineteenth and early twentieth century modern Italian violin making, and Leandro Bisiach's role was of great importance. He learned his craft from the last of the traditional Cremonese makers, Gaetano Antoniazzi. This Cremonese link was advantageous to Bisiach, as antique Cremonese violins were already in high demand amongst players and collectors of the time. He employed many talented makers in his shop, which became the center of violin making and dealing in Milan


Bisiach cellos are indeed rare. Experts regard his examples from 1900 and before to be his best. 

This cello remains in a very pure state of preservation. With its lyrical sweetness, superb projection, and stunning aesthetics, it would be a treasure for the most demanding player or collector.

Accompanied with a certificate of authenticity by Kenneth Warren and Son. 

Price range: $100k and up

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