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Louis Henri Gillet, Paris, c. 1935

This fine bow was made for and branded Joseph Pineau, a violin dealer in Paris at the time. Gillet bows mounted with gold and ebony are quite rare; I am aware of just one other example with this mounting, which makes its home in Taiwan in the famous Chi Mei collection. Gillet was employed by Eugène Sartory from 1934-1946. He was principally employed to make frogs and buttons for him. Thus, it is no surprise the frog and button on this bow closely resemble many Sartory frogs of the period.


Retaining its original leather and gold tinsel winding, this bow is in mint condition. Its excellent wood selection, a golden orange pernambuco with subtle flaming throughout, is inspiring. It draws an immediate, powerful sound and has ample resistance. 

Price range: $15k-$25k

Accompanied with a certificate of authenticity by Paul Childs.

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