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Arthur Richard Bultitude, 1979

In 1922, at the age of fourteen, Bultitude began his internship at W.E. Hill & Sons, at first making bow boxes and violin cases. After three years, he started bow training with William Retford. WW2 forced him to take a hiatus from Hills, during which he worked in a factory constructing wooden aircraft parts.  When he returned to Hills in 1945, he was appointed  to the position of workshop manager. He left the Hill shop in 1961, continuing to make bows independently. 


Biographical source: The Hill Bow Makers, John Milnes and Derek Wilson, BVMA


This fine cello bow is in pristine condition, even retaining its original hair. It was purchased directly from Bultitude as gift for a collector. The tudor rose inlay in the frog is a signature of Bultitude.

This bow is robust and of ample weight, powerful in sound with immediate response. 

Price range: $8k-$15k

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